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North center lake

North Center Lake

North Center Lake is a 725 acre lake located in the town of Center City in Chisago County, Minnesota. It is located less than 45 minutes from downtown St. Paul. The lake is highly developed with a large number of lake homes. The lake is popular with anglers and boaters and receives high user pressure. Recently, improvements have been made to the connection between North and South Center Lakes.

Facilities and Parks:

The public access on the south side of the lake, though large, can be filled to capacity at times. Two hundred seventy lake homes make for a highly developed shoreline.

Fishing Description:

Anglers on North Center Lake can expect heavy fishing pressure and a crowded public access at times. The majority of the pressure is directed at bass and panfish. Bass, bluegill, and crappie are abundant. Northern pike and walleye, while less abundant present a bonus fishery of large individuals.